Woman Seeks Help for OFW Friend Who Sleeps in a Small Space Using Plastic as Blanket

Do you believe that OFWs are the modern heroes of our country? Overseas Filipino workers, or OFW, are laborers from all over the globe. The lack of sustainable jobs in the Philippines forced these people to find employment elsewhere abroad. At some point, OFWs were left with the agonizing choice to leave their family to seek a job in a strange land.

Their long days are filled with exhausting and backbreaking work, while their nights are occupied by a painful longing to be with their loved ones back in their hometown. Aside from providing sustenance to their families, OFW also accounts for the majority of dollars and other foreign currencies circulating in the Philippines.

According to PSA, as of September 2016, the estimated number of OFWs all over the globe is over 2.2 million. The majority of this astounding number work as domestic helpers, nurses, and caregivers.

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If they’re lucky, they will end up with a kind employer who sincerely cares about their safety and condition. However, not all of them ends up in a fortunate situation. Despite all the sacrifices that they make, their meager income and pitiful condition don’t compensate for their hardship.

As a matter of fact, most of the overseas Filipino workers that we have today are suffering in some form of physical or psychological abuse from their employers. In the past, most cases of OFW abuse have been listed in middle east countries. One of them is this OFW who was caught in a pitiful condition on the hands of her employers.

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In Facebook, a concerned woman posted the photos of her OFW friend who was working as a housekeeper. The said photos, which immediately spread on social media, showed the miserable condition of the unidentified OFW. Instead of resting on a decent bed, the Pinay was seen sleeping in a narrow space on the cold floor using plastic as her blankets.

Aside from the photos that evidently speak for themselves, no more details surrounding the incident have been spared. The Facebook post was tagged in Al-Mangaf, Kuwait that’s why people speculated that the Pinay in the photo is working in somewhere in Kuwait as well.

via facebook.com account: Rose Saro
via facebook.com account: Rose Saro
via facebook.com account: Rose Saro
via facebook.com account: Rose Saro

The concerned friend shared the photos on social media with the hope that it will reach the Department of Foreign Affairs or the Philippine Embassy to help her friend.

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