Shocking! Teacher Died After Stab by His 15 Year Old Student!

A Netizen posted on her facebook account about a teacher from calaan named Ma’am Vilma Cabactulan died because the student stab her 3 times inside the campus.

R.I.P. Ma’am Vilma Cabactulan 😧😭😭
unta mahatagan ug hustisya imung pgkamatay 😭
madakpan na unta tong estudyante nga nagdunggab
sa imu ma’am 😧😭 walay kaluoy nga bata 😠😠😡😡
maapil unta na sa Death row ! 😬😬
(R.I.P. Ma’am Vilma Cabactulan 😧😭😭
I’m hoping justice to your death 😭
hope they will capture the student who did this to you
and he should be joined in Death row ! 😬😬)

According to comments the student stab her teacher because the teacher scolded his student because of using cellphone in classroom.


They even posted the name of the student and said it was “Ernesto Paje”


Also another comment share the story in more details!


According to the comment it was about 9 am when Ma’am Vilma Cabactulan scolded his student Ernesto Paje, 15 years old, because of failing grade and it needs to make a project to pass. The student seem’s texting and not listening to her teacher. After that he sharpen a knife and during snack time the student stab her teacher behind 3 times which cause her death.

Source: billiejoy.barino
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