This Vendor Gave The Wrong Flavor Of Buns Which Is Why They Started Stomping On Her Buns! The Next Thing That This Woman Did Was Shocking

There are times when the people who are in the realms of poverty are the ones who exemplify respectful attitudes. These instances are opposing the notion expected from educated people where they should be the ones acting with decency. This only proves that being human should never be measured through one’s socio-economic status.

This is the case with this Chinese woman who was reported to have been doing all she could just to sustain the needs of her family. Although she was just a bun vendor, her meager job helps her to have the appropriate attitude towards other people.

In an incident reported by Daily Mail UK, two abusive men stomped on her products when she failed to give them their desired flavor. She was shocked by what happened but instead of reacting negatively, the Chinese woman silently arranged her buns. She just let them finish their business and when they already finished, she quietly went back to selling what was left in her stall. She also did not press charges against them but has agreed to settle the issue out of legal basis.

Meanwhile, online media source Beijing Youth Daily clarified that the men were furious not because they were served the wrong buns but because they were actually drunk when they decided to approach the woman.
Although the parties already reached an agreement, many online users are still dissatisfied with what happened. They are urging for a more serious penalty or punishment for such inhumane act.

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If you were the vendor, would you also remain quiet given that they had already abused you? What will you do if you were the one put in this kind of situation? Tell us your answers in the comments section below.

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