UNBELIEVABLE! Babaeng birhen, nabuntis umano dahil sa tubig sa swimming pool?

We all know for a fact that a baby can only be conceived when two persons become one, or in short, through sexual intercourse. Well, others also get to conceive through medical intervention, but it all boils down on one thing, a sperm cell traveling through the egg cell, making one miracle into life.

But recently, a story of a young woman claiming to got pregnant despite being virgin is caught the attention of a lot of people and sparked debate among netizens.

If you’re a member of the Catholic Church, you know for a fact that only the Blessed Virgin Mary was able to conceive despite her virginity and it was because Jesus Christ, her son was conceived “through the holy spirit”.

In her interview with RMN DXPR Pagadian, 22-year-old woman only identified by the name Joy narrated that after missing her period for a few months, she decided to seek medical help only to find out that she is actually pregnant.

The Zamboanga del Sur native got surprised with the result and told the doctors that he is a virgin and insisted that she’s never been touched by anyone. Although Joy admitted to having a boyfriend, she strongly denied having sexual intercourse with him.

Apparently, Joy is claiming to have a so-called virgin conception just like the Blessed Virgin Mary. But according to the doctors, Joy actually got pregnant after swimming in a public swimming pool where she a floating sperm cell probably entered her uterus leading her to get pregnant.

But is virgin conception really possible? Well, according to several studies, getting pregnant without penetration is actually feasible but chances are very rare to happen.

Well, regardless if Joy’s claim is true or not, she is now blessed with a baby girl named Sittie Hannah which she gave birth last June 22, 2018.

Watch her full interview below:

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