This Video Of Pinay Girls Going Wild In A Pool Goes Viral, What They Did Is So Horrible! Watch This!

The Philippines is known for being a pretty religious place. As a result, many people especially women are considered ‘conservative’ in order to preserve the norms and traditions of the country. Elders are always critical when it comes to taking care of the youth and their actions.

This is the reason why this particular viral video was frowned upon by many netizens. It showed a group of girls in bikinis going wild while having fun in a pool. According to Facebook page M4 Mustu which uploaded the video online, the footage was taken in Angalo City, Philippines. The event was described as a bikini show.

The video, which lasts for 7 minutes, showed what appeared to be 20-30 years old women dancing wildly and carelessly while some foreigners are watched them. Their dance moves are not just the normal movements of their hips and waists but appear to be highly sezual. Watch the controversial video below.

Many netizens slammed this video for portraying what they believe to be ‘indecency’. They claimed that these women are disrespecting themselves by showing such actions.

Another problem they cited was, there were children present in the video watching them as they did their ‘performance’. Online users who are disappointed by what they saw bombarded the comments section of the post with snide remarks which condemn the women featured on the video.

Caagbay Salonga : Ayessandra Juskong mga babaeng toh! Nkakahiya kayo! Mga walang delikadesa! Walang kahihiyan! kya mraming na re-rape s pnahon ngayon my mga ilan n nag bbgay ng motibo

Belle Sym Ocampo : Kung mga pinay to nakakahiya? Magkano ba premyo nyan? Kulang nalang maghubad ang mga ungas tuwang tuwa pag piyestahan ng mga nanunuod! Hai kaya yoko sa seafoods sakit sa batok

Ehlze Eunicra Onugall : Grabe nmn ung trip nila seriously kailangan bang gnyan.. Respeto respeto pag nabastos kau sabhin nyo respeto tanong karespe respeto ba…??????

Joanna Marie : Kala cguro kay gaganda ng katawan at pagmmuka. Jusko! Khit just for fun kang yan aba.. konting kahihiyan ateng! Hayssss ano n nangyyri s mundo?

Rhime Jacalan : Gagawin talaga lahat e no para sa pera? Ok lng sana kung magaganyan ib private e kaso public yan e. Nakaka degrade sa mga Filipina, tas kumalat pa sa social media. Para silang mga aso na may seizures.

There is no clear reason stated as to why such a show was conducted. It is not also clear why the women on the video seemed to be willing to do the stint. While others are thinking that money might be involved in this incident, others are critical of the public nature of such event.

What are your thoughts on this video? Do you think this type of event should get investigated? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Source: Facebook
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