Terrifying Encounter Here! Binatang Di Matago Ang Libog Nag-alok ng 500 Sa Babae.

Facebook user Suzy Bae (dummy account) posted her horrific experience in her account to warn other women that just because they are inside their homes, doesn’t mean that they are safe from perverts. Suzy even caught a video of the man who attempted to molest her from the comfort of her own bedroom.

Read Suzy’s full post here:

Watch the videos below to see Suzy’s horrific encounter with the pervert.

WARNING: The following videos contain sensitive scenes:

Here are screenshots of the suspect:

Suzy even managed to take a photo of the “evidence” which the pervert left outside her bedroom window:

If you recognize this man, please do report him immediately to the authorities.

Source: Facebook/Suzy Bae

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