Post Ng Isang Netizen Tungkol Sa Uric Acid Sa Ating Katawan, Nagviral At Nagbigay Ng Babala Para Sa Marami

Time and again, we have all been told that health is wealth. Sadly, we often take it for granted. By the time we realize how much we’ve been abusing our bodies, it is usually too late. This is why a netizen recently took to Facebook to inform us of the dangers of having high uric acid levels.

In her words, “Laging nasa huli ang pagsisisi.”

Luna Celis Sarmiento started off her post by defining what uric acid is and how it reaches high levels.

According to the netizen, uric acid is a chemical produced by the body whenever a person eats certain foods high in “purine.” This includes, but is not limited to, liver, innards, red meat, sardines, mackerel, and the like.

Alcohol consumption can also raise the uric acid levels of a person. Those with gout or arthritis, diabetes, obesity, or kidney problems are also prone to having high levels of uric acid.

Being a harmful chemical, uric acid should be expelled from the body naturally, either through urination or defecation.

Sarmiento suggests the following ways can help lower uric acid levels.

1. Have a healthy diet. For those slightly overweight, consider shedding some pounds. Stay away from eating certain foods such as liver, innards, red meat, fish rich in Omega-3, legumes, monggo, dilis, bagoong, and shellfish.

2. Drink plenty of water. Instead of drinking eight glasses of water a day, make it a habit to drink 10-12 glasses.

3. Avoid alcohol at all costs.

4. Eat fruits rich in vitamin C.

5. Incorporate apple cider vinegar into your diet.

6. Drink vegetable juice.

7. Take medicinal substances as prescribed by your doctor.

Read her full post below.


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