PLDT, Smart natakot sa bagong partnership ng Duterte admin at ng Facebook?

Here’s some good news from ThinkingPinoy.

A day after the government announced the construction of SECURE GovNet, which will make internet faster and cheaper for everyone, telco giant PLDT Home announced major upgrades on its international cable bandwidth.

PLDT and Smart SVP Mario Tamayo said:

“The build-up of our international cable system capacity is in step with the ongoing expansion of our domestic fiber transmission network. These two efforts support both our fiber to the home last-mile access and our mobile data networks. As a result, we will be progressively able to provide higher levels of internet service to more areas of the country… This will enable us to better address the needs of our PLDT fiber to home customers and our LTE/3G mobile data users.”

I think this is a welcome development because it means potentially faster speeds for PLDT/SMART subscribers. Note, however, that PLDT did not mention anything about more competitive pricing, though I expect SECURE GOVNET to push both PLDT/Smart and Globe to offer more affordable services.

Source: asianpolicy
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