PANOORIN: Babae sinapian ng sariling kapatid para humingi ng hustisya!

Life after death remains a mystery to all of us, movies and fictional stories would often portray life after death as something peaceful with angels welcoming you to the gates of heaven while some suggest that right after death and our soul roams around familiar places.

They say the latter scenario often happens to those people who have unfinished business in the waking life or seeking justice for their sudden death. This could possibly be the case of a young man who was slain and allegedly possessed the body of his younger sister in order to seek justice for his own death.

In the video post of Facebook user Danica Mogniling Magtalas, she said that her slain brother-in-law Marvin Magtalas possessed the body of her younger sister, Abigail in order to talk to his loved ones and encourage them to seek justice for his sudden death.

“Sumanib po siya sa kapatid nya na si Abigail Magtalas para sabihin nya sa mama lahat lahat ng pinaggagawa sa kanya ng mga pumatay sa kanya, kaya po sya sumanib sa kapatid nya kase po silang dalawa na magkapatid yung close na close kaya po kay Abi nya na isip na sumanib kase po love na love ni Abi yung kapatid nya na si Marvin,” Danica wrote.

Habang naka sanib sya kay Abi iyak po siya ng iyak kase po hindi niya tanggap yung pagkamatay niya kaya hindi rin po sya matahimik kaya ang gusto nya yung mabigyan po sya ng hustisya,” she added.

In the 26-minute video, Abigail could be seen hysterically crying while allegedly expressing Marvin’s thoughts, he said that he should’ve listened to his mother not to stay out the night he was murdered, he also said his murderers were laughing at him while making him suffer.

“Mama!!! Gusto ko pang mabuhay,” Abigail’s possessed body exclaimed.

Apparently, on March 18, 2018, Marvin was snatched, persecuted, and slain by an unidentified group along Barangay Andal Alinio in Nueva Ecija.

Watch the full video below:

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