Look Coleen Garcia lauded President Duterte over Boracay rehab: “It’s important to have leaders that care about our environment”

Initially, the closure of Boracay Island for its rehab continues to be wondered and opposed by numerous public figures due to the issues that the government might only desire to build a Casino in the stated tourist spot.

But the government shows its critics that they’re completely wrong and after it’s opening the freshly rehabilitated Boracay obtained praises from the netizens and also various well-known personalities like Coleen Garcia.

Garcia is one among the popular personalities who immediately went to Boracay after its public opening on Oct 26, 2018.

Two days after it’s launching, the actress expressed her feel throughout her travel at the mentioned tourist spot stating that she’s “falling in love with Boracay all over again”.

“Walked from station 3 to station 1 to see what has changed so far. I love that the island is noticeably cleaner, and you can walk around and all over the sand without being afraid of stepping on broken glass.” Garcia stated on her social media post.

She additionally praised the individuals who became part of Boracay’s rehab, she also reminded the forthcoming tourist to come to be responsible.

“Congratulations and well done to those who helped clean up Boracay! I already can’t wait to come back! 😍 Iba pa rin ang ganda ng Boracay. But whenever we do visit, let’s all make sure we do our part in keeping the island clean. All the effort put into this would go to waste if we don’t learn to be more conscious of the damage we humans cause on a daily basis. Let’s try to minimize that, not just here, but everywhere we go.” she stated.

In spite of this, netizen Reginald Melchor questioned Garcia and accused her of getting angry to the President who directed the closure of Boracay for its rehabilitation.
“Dati galit ka kay duterte pasalamatan mo siya kung hindi dahil sa kanya di ka ulit maiinlove sa boracay ulit,” Melchor mentioned.

Garcia instantly replied to the netizen, stating asking why they believe that she’s mad with the President.

She stated that like some individuals, she inquired some of the programs of the President, but it doesn’t signify she doesn’t have the right ever again to praise Duterte.

The actress stated that she praises Duterte for his worry about the worsening condition of the environment that is uncommon to some leaders.

“Paano niyo naman po nasabi na galit ako sa kanya? Yes, there are some things that I have questioned and disagreed with, but there are also many things I am grateful for. It’s a balance. I neither hate nor completely adore, but I do respect. And I hope you respect my opinions, too. But yes, I do commend him for what he has done for Boracay. It’s important to have leaders that care about our environment because sadly not everyone does.” Garcia claimed.

Certain fans of Coleen praised her for being truthful and they as well criticized Melchor for attempting to challenge the actress.

They likewise praised the President Duterte for rehabilitating Boracay.

“Marami ang kumontra dati sa pgpapasara ng boracay. Galit pa cla sa Presudente,walang puso dw kc tnanggalan ng pangkabuhayan ang mga tao. Tingnan nman ngaun ang linis na. Mas lalo pa lalaki pangkabuhayan nila dahil mrami na nmang turista ang dadagsa,” Netizen tataescarpe stated.

After the closing of Boracay, netizens are thinking if the President will definitely close one more well-known tourist spot for rehabilitation.

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