List Of Areas In PH That Will Disappear, Becomes Part Of The Ocean After Few Years

Here is the list of the areas and cities in the Philippines that will disappear and will become a part of the ocean after few years.

Global warming is one of the terrifying threat to the planet as the average temperature of the world continues to increase due to abusive human actions.

The increasing climate of the world could lead to further disasters and serious calamities if people would not take precautionary measures.

The Philippines will be severely affected by the climate change, which causes the increasing water level in the coastal areas and might swallow some areas in the country.

The scientists believe that at least seven cities in the country would disappear and be a part of the ocean by 2085.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) said that more flooding and typhoons would cause damage to some areas in the Philippines as a result of the climate change.

The field experts predict that Metro Manila would underwater in 10 to 20 years due to the 6-centimeter rise of water level every year.

Over next 50 years, the water level surrounding the country would approximately rise by 10 feet. Big businesses and homeowners should minimize using ground water to slow down the sinking process.

  • Malabon
  • Caloocan
  • Manila
  • Iloilo City
  • Butuan City
  • Davao City
  • Taguig
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