Ka-Proud Pinoy: Hip-Hop Dancer and Inventor Successfully Flown World’s Smallest Flying Car

In full view of his friends and neighbors, Filipino inventor Kyxz Mendiola successfully completed the test flight for his dream project, the world’s first flying car, or drone car as what he prefer to call it.

Fascination with the Future

Kyxz Mendiola wasn’t even born when the film classic “ Back to the Future” was shown and awakened the people’s fascination towards flying cars and hoverboards. But being a science fiction buff, he was somehow inspired by these futuristic vehicles that he saw in the movies and dreamt of one day building a flying car.

It Started With A Dream

Armed with this dream and a brilliant mind, Kyxz exerted a lot of time and effort into studying the dynamics of the flying car. He experimented with drones to observe how it flies until he successfully created his own manned hoverboard last year.

It served as his prototype for the flying car that he eventually made.

Hard Work and Failures

Despite having no background in engineering, it did not limit Kyxz Mendiola from pursuing his dream project. A member of a popular Hip-Hop dance group Philippine All Stars, he spent most of his earnings as well as his life savings in order to realize his flying car.

He admitted that due to financial constraints, he wasn’t able to buy the best motors that would make his project successful.

Helping Hand

Fortunately, there are people who shared his vision and he was able to attract a few investors who were willing to help him realize his dream project. In his most recent Instagram post, he proudly displayed his latest version of his flying car. It is made of carbon fiber and equipped with the best motors, even the design looks really astonishing.

Inspiration To Others

Kyxz Mendiola’s story serves as a shining example of how ordinary people, with their extraordinary dedication, was able to achieve their dreams by following through and not giving up on their creative ideas.

Watch the video below:

Source: Facebook

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