SHOCKING! Isang Babae Ang Natulog Katabi Ng Kanyang Phone Ngunit Paggising Niya Ay Nadatnan Niyang Nasunog Na Pala Ito

Many people are so attached to their mobile phones that they sleep with them even while it’s charging. This is certainly a bad idea. Take for example this woman from Chengdu, China who encountered a mishap after she left her iPhone 8 Plus charging while sleeping.

In the report of World of Buzz, a woman identified as Luo bought a 64GB iPhone 8 Plus from an online seller on February 27, 2018. At first, she noticed that her phone tended overheat especially while charging. After researching online, she found out that this is a common issue for most iPhones. So she became complacent about it thinking that it was normal.

Not until March 23, just a few days after she purchased the phone. Luo was about to nod off at around five in the morning when she decided to charge her phone. She placed the device above her bed and then drifted off into the arms of Morpheus.

Just a few hours after she fell into a deep slumber, Luo felt a sudden prodding on your face. It turns out her cat was waking her up. It was then that she noticed that her phone was fuming. She immediately unplugged her phone.

However, she was surprised when she discovered that her bedding was ruined.

Frightened by what happened, Luo sent her phone and her charger to the Apple field office in Shanghai, China on April 1.

After a month, the company told her that the mishap was mainly due to external issues.

“I asked them to explain what kind of heat sources they meant and the customer service officer hesitated before answering that it could be caused by hot weather or a hot desk. I was not smoking or using an electronic blanket near the phone but they concluded that this was not their fault and refused to compensate me.”

Disappointed with their response, Luo plead for a phone replacement and reimbursement of her damaged bedding.

Last May 3, a staff from Apple informed her that they will send the damaged gadget to the USA for further investigation and lab tests.

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