Isang 52 Anyos Na Babae Ang Ipinag-bubuntis Ang Kambal Ngunit Nagulantang Ang Marami Nang Malaman Kung Sino Ang Ama Nito

In pregnancy, a woman has the option to find a surrogate mother for her children if she deems it necessary for her overall health. This involves the procedure of in-vitro fertilization, where the surrogate receives the artificially-inseminated sperm of the father.

She carries the baby throughout the duration of the term and delivers it to the couple who would eventually raise it on their own.

In truly shocking yet heartwarming news, a 52-year-old woman acted as the surrogate mother of her own daughter after the latter experienced “several failed infertility treatments and surgeries.”

According to Fox News, a woman named Crystal Sirignano said that she did not regret giving birth to her grandchildren in 2008, who were a set of twins. She shared:

I just feel so blessed and fortunate. It’s the best experience of my life. I don’t regret one second, even the times when I didn’t feel good. None of that was as bad as watching what my daughter went through.”..Read More Here>>

Watch the amazing video report about them below, as shared by the official YouTube channel of Discovery Life:

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