Seal A Bag Of Chips Without Any Kind Of Clip With This Life Hack

how to seal a chip bag without a clip

Unless you anticipate eating each pack of chips you open in one sitting, resealing your nibble is central on the off chance that you anticipate appreciating crisp chips not far off. Of course, in the event that you’ve come up short on pack cuts or essentially don’t possess any, this can be a tall inquire. Do you hazard your chips going stale? Imagine a scenario where bugs creep taken care of and begin having their very own banquet.

Dread not! There is an approach to seal your chips without a clasp. Look at how to do it beneath.

That looks madly basic. I’m never purchasing a pack cut again! What a misuse of cash! The inquiry is, what am I going to do with the millions I’ll save by not purchasing sack cuts?

Source: viralnova
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