Girl From Mindanao Rants Violently on Facebook and Slams the People Who Discriminated Against the Visayans and the Cebuanos! READ IT HERE!

Filipinos are known to make fun of each other every now then. We often rely on banter, slapstick humor, and gags in order to make ourselves laugh but even humor has a dark side.

Where exactly do Filipinos draw the line to distinguish between “laughing with others” and “laughing at others?”

The first phrase is when we share the joke with the one making it. It’s pure harmless and inoffensive because the person knows that he or she is not being laughed at. Instead, it’s his or her antics or something they did.

Meanwhile, the second phrase is when somebody is being made fun of in a cruel yet unassuming manner that most Filipinos are fond of. Case in point: Somebody spills a juice on their shirt.

Instead of helping that person out, people tend to laugh at him or her. That’s called “laughing at others.” We tend to laugh at other people’s misfortunes.

In language especially, where a diverse number of languages are spoken all over the Philippines and practiced by people, there are those who tend to laugh at the mispronunciation of others and their provincial accents.

A Facebook user has had enough of this and posted her sentiments on a long status that showed her opinions towards people who make fun of the Visayan and Cebuano accent.

Kami reported that she’s Cheska Abellana, a girl who hails from the South.

She said that people with accents like her are being discriminated against for the mere fact that they can’t speak proper Filipino or English.

Read her whole post here:

Although her post stated that her location was in Mandaluyong, Abellana’s post was an indicator that indeed, one should not find accents a laughing matter.

Source: kami
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