These Filipinos Encountered a Racist Couple Who Shouted at Them to Go Back to “Filipinoville!” Watch How It Happened Here!

Racism is when you completely attack someone who belongs to a different race and antagonize them based on their nationality and culture. Such was the case of these Filipinos in the United States who encountered a racist couple when they were in a supermarket in Stockton, California.

According to the report of Philippine Daily Inquirer, a certain Twitter user by the name of Angelo Cabuang posted a clip on his account that showed the racist couple arguing with him and his mother. The exact location of the incident was in a branch of Save Mart on Quail Lakes Drive in Stockton, California.

What exactly happened? Here was the caption that accompanied Cabuang’s post:

The clip showed a woman wearing shades and blurting out that Cabuang and his companions should “go back to Filipinoville and get out of our country!”

Meanwhile, another person (who could be presumed as Cabuang’s companion) shouted, “Hey, hey! That’s discrimination! She said we’re Filipinos and we have to leave the country! Hey, hey, hey!”

In the background, a bystander watched with an amused look on his face. He crossed his arms as he observed the incident. As of this writing, Cabuang’s Twitter post has already reached 1,179 retweets (shares) and 2,379 likes from netizens.

Apparently, Angelo burped, which the racist couple found extremely offending. A netizen commented and said that the incident might have been avoided altogether if he would’ve said “excuse me.”

However, Cabuang rebutted and said that he wasn’t given the chance to do so. He added that the racist woman shouldn’t have made discriminatory remarks just because he burped.

He followed up his tweet with an explanation that said:

When netizens and fellow Filipinos expressed their support for him and commented against the racist couple, Cabuang followed it up and offered his gratitude:

Here are the rest of Cabuang’s tweets:

Here is the clip that Cabuang uploaded:

Source: tnp
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