Duterte Credibility vs Catholic Church Credibility


by Pedro Kiamco

The Bible says that one day shepherds of God’s flock will sound like broken cymbals (basag na batingaw). They will call but nobody will follow. They will shout but nobody will hear. They will mourn but nobody will weep. They will sing but nobody will dance. That day has now come. The shepherds have become IRRELEVANT and INSIGNIFICANT to the sheep they lead.

Thirty-one years ago Cardinal Sin CALLED and two million people went to EDSA to rally against President Marcos.

A year ago Cardinal Tagle (CBCP) CALLED the 80 million Roman Catholic Filipinos not to vote for one particular presidential aspirant (whose description fitted Mayor Rodrigo Duterte). Sixteen million voters said to the CBCP: “HU U?” and went right ahead to vote for Mayor Duterte as their president.

Last February 18 there was the Church-sponsored WALK FOR LIFE. Mike Velarde announced the request of Cardinal Tagle (CBCP) to ask his millions of followers to join the WALK. It goes without saying that the thousands of young men and women in seminaries and convents, priests and nuns in Metro Manila were called to join. Boys and girls in Roman Catholic schools were also called to join. Naturally, for the Yellow Family this WALK FOR LIFE was also their affair because the advocacies of both groups (CBCP and the YELLOW FAMILY) complemented each other.

In Metro Manila there are 10 million Roman Catholics but hardly 5,000 joined the WALK. The CBCP thought they were trumpeting the call of an ELEPHANT, but the call turned out to be the tiny squeak of a RAT. The attendance for the WALK was miserable and pathetic.

The person who organized the WALK should be kicked out of his job. Two things were very WRONG. FIRST, he used money as an incentive to join the WALK. Three hundred thousand pesos was promised to winners in the raffle (of course that was only for those who joined). To use money as a “come on” for a “sublime and noble” cause is counterproductive. There is no need to use money to invite if the cause is right. Ano yan, binili ang kanilang attendance?

SECOND, the CBCP used De Lima to front (as an “endorser” in advertising) the voice of the Church to denounce EJK. This was very, very counterproductive. To use a woman to be the CBCP “poster girl” who had consistently APPEARED in the news, senate and congressional hearings as an adulterer, a drug lord protector, a liar, a walk-out senator and an oppositionist against a very popular sitting president is a very, very, very bad idea. Whatever good there might originally be in the WALK was cancelled by fronting this very unpopular senator. She is, in fact, the most HATED person in the Philippines today.

But the two bad strategies using money and De Lima were just aggravating circumstances. The real reason why the Church’s calls received very little response was the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH itself. It has lost its mandate because it has lost credibility. It has become a church of hypocrites who do not do what it preaches. THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS BECOME THE SYMBOL OF:

• teachers who are fools,

• doctors who are sick and

• leaders who are blind.

It is the height of hypocrisy to exhort people to do something that the clerics themselves do not do.

• It is downright corruption to ask PCSO for Pajeros when these high priests have billions in investments;

• It is greed to receive millions from Napoles to be on call 24/7 to say Mass in her house.

• It is immoral for the archbishops to do the “rigodon” to shuffle their clerics who are accused rapists, pedophiles and are maintaining “wives” and children.

• It is a scandal to live in a “palacio” surrounded by squatters living in shanties.

The reason why priests are priests is to announce to the people God’s Good News proclaiming JUSTICE, HONESTY and COMPASSION. The Roman Catholic clergy in the Philippines fail miserably in all of the above. This is what makes them hypocrites. What comes out of their mouths is no longer credible. For all practical purposes this church is DEAD. And they only have themselves to blame for their demise.

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