CBCP News: Chief Exorcist Fr. Ambrosio Legaspi warned Filipinos on Satanic Rosaries Circulating

The Filipinos are known to possess a unique way of being Marian. History tells the deep devotions and attachments of the Filipinos not only reflected in the various popular devotions but also in the fabric of political and economic life of the people.

In spite of controversies that priest were involved, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines has cautioned the Filipino devoted against the spread of Satanic rosaries and religious things in the nation.

On the CBCP website an exorcist warned the public about the circulation of Satanic rosaries and religious items in the country.

According to Novaliches Office of Exorcism (Libera Nox) boss exorcist Fr. Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi cautioned Catholics against utilizing rosaries that might be “swarmed or reviled.” Fr. Legaspi clarified that these rosaries, and also Masonic awards that are likewise available for use, are those that are conveyed by Satanists, especially a gathering called Illuminati.

During his most recent spiritual warfare episode of the Diocese of Novaliches, aired last August 7 which is held once a month ” Radio Veritas segment “Hello Father 911”, Fr. Legaspi told listeners to be careful as the rosaries you might be using could actually be infested or cursed.

The sinister rosaries are “supplicated over” by its producers, and are sanctified to malicious with the goal that underhanded spirits will take after the individuals who utilize it.

The rosaries which are regularly made of plastic, could have a snake wrapped around the cross, a pentagram, and a sun with beams which is an emblem of the Illuminati.

Fr. Legaspi is additionally calling upon Catholic clerics to favor religious things as per Catholic ceremonies and to exorcize them, particularly if its proprietors have encountered paranormal events.

“These were made to be essentially given away as well as to beguile Catholics… with the goal that malicious spirits will frequent them. Not only a gift, these things ought to be exorcized. Not only a normal gift where water is only sprinkled– as most ministers usually do– however to utilize the Catholic custom… that would alarm the evil spirit away,” he said.

The photo on the left, the actual photo of the rosary that was confiscated and on the right photo when photo level is adjusted the Iluminati insignia of the sun with its rays and the snake at the back of the Crucified Christ becomes visible to the naked eye.

The rosaries are those being given away by Satanists, clarified the cleric, especially by the gathering called Iluminati. He said the rosaries have been “asked over” by its producers, sanctifying them to abhorrent with the goal that whoever utilizes it will be trailed by insidious spirits.

The exorcist explained that simply sprinkling holy water on the cursed or infested item will not make the evil spirit go away, especially if the ritual carried out by the Satanists lasted for 30 minutes, making it a major curse.

In addition, Legaspi also warned about Masonic medals that are also in circulation. He said these look like the that of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal except that a compass, which is the insignia of the Masons, can be found at the bottom. Masons, a secret society of men, have been known and declared by the Catholic Church as anti-Christian and anti-Church.

We urged all Filipinos to be cautious enough exercising their beliefs no matter what the religion is . Exorcism is a well known practice evicting evil spirits from a person which they believe is possessed of demon spirits. CBCP wants to warn devotees for promotion of peace and harmony without inflicting the belief of Catholic church goers.

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Source: ourdailyrevelationsph
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