A Dead Baby was Found Inside a Trash in South Cotabato

It’s Mother’s day today but it looks like someone forgot all about being a mother. There are couples who pay tons of money and give all their effort only to have a baby. Sadly, there are some just dump their baby as if it was trash.

Some mothers who are not ready to be moms regrettably choose to abandon the baby that they are supposed to love and raise. Social media is a repository of unfortunate stories featuring dead babies who were abandoned by their moms.

Just last Sunday, May 7, a netizen by the name of Anna Riza Sucaldito Ismael from South Cotabato shared photos of a dead baby found inside a garbage bin.

(Warning: the photos which you are about to see are graphic in nature and should not be seen by younger readers without the guidance of their parents. Reader discretion is advised.)

Source: Facebook

The trash can reportedly came from the comfort room of a bus terminal. When respondents from the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) arrived, they found that the baby had choked from a wad of tissues shoved in its mouth. Authorities posit that was probably the cause of death.

There were those who said that the tissue had another purpose: to muffle its screams of abandonment.

Source: Facebook

The photo was accompanied by a caption seething with outrage:

“Hayop na ina to! Bakit ba nagawang itapon ang sariling anak sa basurahan ng yellow bus terminal. Ang baba ng bata ay punong-puno pa ng tisyu. Nakakaiyak ang ganitong pangyayari. ”

Netizens were in unison as they shared their anger at the kind of mother who would do this to her own baby.

As of now, the post has garnered over 1,805 shares and 1,000 reactions.

Source: facebook
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